About Us

Marv’s Marvlus Pit BBQ is owned and operated by Chris Murphy and Lance Anderson. Owners Lance and Chris believe that the most important element to operating a successful catering company is to place the most importance on client experience. This requires excellent service, phenomenal BBQ and friendly accommodating staff.

Chris has spent most of his life working in the food service industry. Chris has opened and operated many types of food service businesses for others. Chris has worked with many great chefs and knows the art of exceeding the expectations of his clients. As a Pit master Chris has developed a unique ability to prepare and smoke everything from Designer beef products to fresh organic poultry, succulent pork ribs and even some smoked vegetarian meal options. Chris excels at designing menus for all kinds of events and understands how to translate the vision of a client into a menu that everyone will love.

Lance started his career working in the food service industry as a member of the service staff and culinary team. In addition to exceeding his client’s expectations, Lance believes that building long lasting business relationships with his clients are the key to long term success. His many years in not only the restaurant industry but also other service industries has allowed Lance to understand the importance of listening, follow through and consistent and quality results. “My favorite thing is when I get a call from a past client wanting us to come back to cook for their event” “An entire year could have passed and it’s like we just talked yesterday”

Together Lance and Chris make the perfect team to enchant your guests and provide you with an event that will bring everlasting memories, friendship and quite frankly the best BBQ you have ever eaten.

Let's Work Together!

Let Marv's BBQ start the fire! Take the stress out of your big event, and let us deliver delicious BBQ that all of your guests will be raving about.