Frequently Asked Questions

We always have a number of questions about any given event. Below are some examples that hopefully will help in making your next event a success!

Why do some events cost more?

The size of your party, the menu selected, the location of your party, and any special requests will determine the price. Unlike our competitors, we offer on site cooking for ALL of your catered events.

How soon will you get here?

We arrive at most jobs 2 – 6 hours prior to your selected serving time. This allows us ample time to set up our equipment, and cook your meal fresh. For out of town adventures, we always leave early enough to avoid traffic and other problems. We are well known for a prompt response and on-time service. Please allow us up to an hour serving window for larger parties.

How long will you be here?

For most parties we will stay on site until all your guests have been served. We normally feed groups of 200 in under an hour. Our goal is to provide excellent service for your event! If you need servers or cleanup crew to stay for an extended visit, may we suggest a club through a local high school (dance team, football team, etc. looking for fund raising funds).

How many crew members will you have at our event?

For most parties of up to 200 guests, we bring a crew of 2-3 experienced BBQ crew members. For larger events, we always bring enough extra help to ensure your event goes smoothly. Generally, staff are included in the price we quote you for your event.

How much space do you need for your trailer?

We cook off of a custom 15′ trailer. We also have a truck that needs to be located close by as well. We do need enough space to safely park at your event. It is also important that we have ample room to leave after your guests are fed and happy! If you have any questions, please ask us when you book your event. Please don’t ask us to back into areas that are hard to access, or areas such as lawns where our equipment will do damage. We always treat your property like it was our own!

How far in advance can I book my special day?

Please feel free to book as early as possible. We often participate at weddings that have been booked a year or more in advance! We require a non-refundable 50% deposit to hold your given date. We also require payment in full, 14 days before your event. Holidays and certain other times of year (summer) are very popular, so book early to guarantee the date and time you want, and to avoid disappointment!

Why does that meat look undercooked?

What you are seeing is the smoke ring. Most smoked foods will have a pink to light red tint. This shows that the food was cooked with wood, “low and slow” Trust us, your foods will be fully cooked to the proper temp before we serve it.

Speaking of location, where can we have our party?

Just about anywhere our mobile BBQ can travel to. We can do events at private homes, on the beach, at hospitals, at many local parks, and corporate locations.

Can I change my menu or guest count?

If you would like to change your menu or the guest count, we will try our best to accommodate your needs. We can change your menu up to 14 days prior to your event, the guest count can be increased up to 3 days prior to your event, after that, no changes can be made. This is due to the fact that we will have already ordered supplies for your event.

Speaking of guest count, what happens if my event draws fewer guests than planned for?

Although our barbecue is well known to be “the best barbecue you’ve ever had”, sometimes the guest count is not what is expected. We provide food for your original guest count, any “left over” food can be sent home with guests or you can easily freeze it for future enjoyment.

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